Misc digital art

Digital art that didn’t fit into any other catagory.

He who dares sig

SAS sig

‘He who dares, wins’ – the motto of the SAS.

Legionnaire of terror sig

Legionnaire of terror

A member of one of my ‘Legions of Terror’.

Pilot 7 logo

Pilto 7 logo

Logo for an event the youth of my church runs – Pilot 7.

Opposing planets

Opposing planets

An abstract piece of artwork involving an inter-dimensional battle where to similar planets chuck vast amounts of energy at each other. Full view!


Apiakp logo

The logo for my cell group. Visit for more!

APIAKP header

APIAKP header

The header for

World Domination Inc.


Logo for a fictional company, World Domination Inc. This logo is a a remake of an older design, its fairly similar.


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