Pixel Art

Here is some pixel art I’ve been doing. Very little is finished, but I’ve managed to scrounge this much from my hard drive.

The Mighty Megalon

The Mighty Megalon

This is the mighty Megalon, supervillain. Next to him is one of his robot minions. Next to that is the little gofer that fixes his robot minions when they get damaged in battle. The Mighty Megalon has access to rocket boots, as depicted here.



A little drawing of Santa.

Robot Army

Robot Army

Just a generic army of robots. From left to right they are:

  1. A standard soldier. There is an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launcher in the chest.
  2. A BombBot. A little remote controlled robot with several kilos of C-4 (a high explosive) on its back.
  3. Flying drone. When it lands it lands upside down on the rotor things and so can double as a defense turret.
  4. Chain gun soldier. Has a very powerful gatling gun.
  5. Defense turret. You can’t sneak up on it – it has 8 eyes!

Heavy attack plane

Plane heavy

Drawn a while back, when I wasn’t so concerned with realism. About as aerodynamic as a brick, but hey. Actually, I think it might be significantly less aerodynamic than a brick. Compared to this, a brick is like Concorde.

Little blue building

Small building

Just a little blue building. I was testing out some of my home-made textures.

Comrade Iosef Zebinsovich Goronov

Russian guy

Generic Russian guy. Some day I’ll draw a background, but I am extremely lazy so it may not happen for a while.


Troll finished

A tutorial to make this can be found here.

Ultimate Megalon

Ultimate Megalon thumb

The new, but still Mighty, Megalon. Depicted here with his infamous rocket boots, and wielding his Mega-pistol.

The Mega-pistol is not actually a gun, but a kind of laser designator (but it can work through walls — uses radio waves perhaps?) that he points at a target, pulls the trigger and a second later a mortar comes crashing down on them (the Mighty Megalon never does battle unsurported).

Megalon’s superpowers include incredible strength and genius-level intellect. Done with MSPaint.


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  1. * Jason says:

    hello, i’m a GCSE student studying CIDA and game design. I,m writing to ask permission to use the image (robot army)for my course work. if you allow me permission the image would be used as inspiration ans a base for me create my own sprites for my characters. The game i’m producing will not be published it will only be used for my grade ans sent to the exam board. I look forward to hearing from you with your response.

    | Reply Posted 7 months, 1 week ago

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