Photomanipulation page 2

Some more photomanipulations



I haven’t really done much editing on this one – honest. (I do not own a superman suit, just to clarify).

Agent Smith

Agent Smith

Full view this one — otherwise you won’t see the ripple from the gunshot.

Awesome battle robot

Battle robot

One of my many talents is the ability to turn into an awesomely powerful battle robot. I can also move my eyes independantly.



Taken the day after my death.

A tutorial of how to make this image can be found here.

Me in text

Me in

You have to full-view this one. I was considering writing something philosophical about this image but then couldn’t be bothered/couldn’t think of anything to write.

King Kong

King Kong

The producer felt the original version of the movie monster was too scary for the general public and so it was changed to a gorilla in the final release. Original pic.

Evil Genius


The guy who played Blofeld in You Only Live Twice stole the idea for the character off me.

Mr. Incredible

Mr Incredible

Can’t think of a caption for this one.


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