Zombify yourself

NOTE: I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements to make this image. If you’re using a proper version of Photoshop, things will be slightly different.

In this tutorial I will teach you to turn a picture of yourself into a zombie. I will cover such techniques as displacement mapping, selection and layer blend modes.
Start off with the image you want to edit. I used this one.

Zombie tut 1

The background doesn't look particularly scary, so what I did was create a new layer and called it 'Dark background'. I then took the gradient tool and used these settings:

Zombie tut 2

So that the gradient fades from black to transparent. I started near an edge and dragged out to the edge, for all four edges, and did the same with the corners, so that I had this.

Zombie tut 3

Create a new layer called 'Mask' or something, and select the outline of yourself (or whoever). Fill this with white. You should have this.

Zombie tut 4

Make this layer invisble (you don't want to be able to see it). Now, hold Ctrl and click the layer in the layer palette. This should select the white area. With the 'Dark background' layer (or whatever you have called it) selected press delete. This should remove the black regions from yourself.

Now, save a copy as 'Zombie displace' — do not work on this one. You'll see why in a minute. (I have found that due to what I think is a bug in Photoshop Elements, this only works if you save the copy in the 'My Pictures' folder).

Do a Google image search for 'cracked mud', or use this image here:

Zombie tut 5

Ceatae a new layer, paste this image in and use the free transform tool to position it like this:

Zombie tut 6

The important thing is that the mud part covers the skin. Also, make sure all the mud images are on the same layer.

Next, go Filter>Distort>Displace. Set the value at about 30% and use the image you saved previously. This should distort the pictures of the mud. Hold Ctrl and click on the 'Mask' layer (the one that is filled with white), go Select>Inverse and then go to the layer with the mud and press delete. You should have this:

Zombie tut 7

Go Enhance>Adjust Color>Hue/Saturation (I think this is different in normal Photoshop) and play with the Hue/Saturation sliders until you get something like this:

Zombie tut 8

In the layer palette, change the bland mode from 'Normal' to something else. I woudl recommend either 'Linear Burn','Color Burn', 'Multiply', or 'Hard light'. Pick whichever makes your image look the best. Mine came out like this:

Zombie tut 9

Now, make all the layers exept 'Background' invisible. You are going to zombify your face.

Zoom in on your eyes. select them and use the brush tool to fill them with a white colour. Either use the gradient tool or more brushing (whichever you prefer) to get make them white and milky.

Zombie tut 10

Use the burn tool set to a low opacity around the eyes and mouth (and wherever else you like — just don't overuse it) to darken the skin as shown.

Zombie tut 11

Make the layers visible again (except 'Mask' of course) and you are almost done. You can just play around now. This is what I did.
I found an image of some meat on a google image search.

Zombie tut 12

I copied into my picture, cut it out with the lasso tool and positioned it under my mouth. I used Hue/Saturation to colour it like the rest oif me and the burn/dodge tools to add some shading. It turned out like this:

Zombie tut 13

Finally, I created a new layer called 'Blood'. I used an orange colour (it looks stupid when you put it on but it won't in a minute) and brushed where I wanted the blood, as shown.

Zombie tut 14

FInally, I set the layer blend mode to 'Colour Burn' and was finished!


Any questions or comments, feel free to comment.


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  1. * yvonne says:

    that was scary the way you made one

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  2. um…
    i mean the whole cracked mud thing actually works/ looks appropriate. But this “tutorial” is stupid and hard to folow
    from MR idontknowwhoiam

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  3. hm. good one ))

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