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New Authors!

Stevopia welcomes two new authors to its fold!

Dave’s specialist subjects will be maths and programming.

Edd’s will be computer science and general interesting things.

I look forward to what they’ll bring to this site!


I’m re-organising

So things might be a bit buggy or messed up for a while. Bear with me!

Working? Also, new structure?

The technical difficulties seem to be sorted out now – it seems to have been a problem with the WordPress server or some software bug. Anyway, I think everything should be working fine now so I should be able to post the pages and such without difficulty.

Also, I’m considering a new structure for the site. The number of pages seems about to blossom out of control, so I could write all my content in posts, and organise them using categories. I didn’t originally intend for it to be a blog but this method could work. What do you think? Give me feedback.

Technical difficulties

Stevopia is experiencing technical difficulties. I’ve resolved a few already, but I’m still having problems. As a result, some of the pages might be a bit buggy. Bear with me!

It seems I am able to edit posts. More than I can say about pages! (you might spot spelling mistakes I am unable to correct – grrr!)

A purpose!

Stevopia now has a purpose! I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, that this should be the place I showcase my artistic brilliance to the world, although some of my modesty may inadvertantly shine through. See the About page for more details!

New Blog!

Wow. This is my very own website to whatever I please with. I’ve never had a website before so this could be fun.

I know this site uses a blog format and all, to be honest it probably isnt going to be much like a blog. If you want to know what this site is all about, then read the about page. At the time of writing this I actually havn’t got an about page, but I will, I promise, make one fairly soon (‘fairly soon’ means different things for me and most of the rest of the population but hey).

I don’t know why, but I get the funny feeling I’m talking to myself here. As soon as I put anything interesting on this site, I’ll start letting people know it exists. Until then, goodbye.