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Homeless mutants

Homeless mutants

Homeless mutants

Full view!

Submission for a Worth1000 contest, the theme being “Mutants in the Sewers”. About 16 source images. The story goes: two outcast mutants passing the time in the sewers, Crustacean man entertains Mr. Squid with a rap.


Star Wars/Last supper

Last supper Star Wars

Last supper Star Wars

If you need to, make sure you zoom in when you full view this (I don’t think I need to tell you to full view it).

Quite big (247 KB). Original here.

Done over a few hours and using about 20 source images. This is the first image I’ve posted here that was done in CS3 Extended, which certainly streamlined the whole process massively compared to my old version of 7.0. Thumbs up to CS3E!

I’m not trying to compare Palpatine with Jesus, or anything theological like that (although there is a reason Lando takes Judas Iscariot’s place), it’s just a plain ol’ excercise in ‘shopping.

Photomanipulation page 4

Oh my goodness! Another page!

The making of ‘Beam me up Scotty’.

A Photoshop tutorial teaching you to make the image ‘Beam me up Scotty’.

Photomanipulation page 3

Yet more photomanipulations.

Turn a photo into a comic frame

A tutorial teaching you how to turn a photo into a comic frame in Photoshop.

The making of ‘I love NY’

A Photoshop tutorial showing the making of ‘I love NY’.